Thursday, 25th March

Slept well in our accommodation again.

Up and out after breakfast, I spotted some dandelions up by the train station yesterday. Armed with a bag, I left site and plodded across the road. Dandelion flowers in full bloom, the tortoise is going to think all her Christmas’ have come at once. Some of the leaves were huge. Only picked a few so that hopefully, it will keep on growing and give us a plentiful supply.

Rain off and on all day. Beautiful blue skies dotted in between showers. Had a mooch around site, wish I’d put a jumper on, unlike yesterday, it was cold. Rabbits bobbing about, not many though, I’m hoping they’re nursing their babies and keeping them warm and safe from the stoat. A couple of buzzards have been circling overhead for the last couple of days to the displeasure of the rooks who seem to spend their days trying to chase them off. The rooks must have eggs or babies they are trying to protect.

Nothing on the telly box, ended up sitting chatting through an England football match. So strange without a crowd, their version of the National Anthem proved they will never top the charts.

Container ship still blocks the Suez, predictions say it could be there for months affecting the economy. Talk of jab passports to enter a pub too.

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